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  • TUTU PRINCESS - rozmiary dziecięce Sheet1
  • _MG_9482-czerwony-132
  • TUTU PRINCESS - rozmiary dziecięce Sheet1

0 - 2 months Handmade Skirt Red

7 dni

TUTU Princess

49.00 EUR
  • Best gift for a girl!
  • Handmade skirt on a ribbon.
  • Color of bow - red. If you want another type the color in the comment.
  • Model without lining.
  • The delight and satisfaction of princesses and ballerinas, guaranteed!
  • If you want a different skirt color, enter the color name in the order comment.
  • Made only on order.
  • How to choose the right size ?
  • Handmade skirts are made according to the waist circumference
  • By choosing the size of the skirt, choose the centimeters or the size
  • If you are buying a skirt for a gift and you do not know the circumference of a girl check out our girl's age table
  • We attach the table as last photo.

If you have a problem with choosing the right size for you - please contact with us.  

We will help you in choosing the perfect match.